We are offering safe and dependable services on professional level.

Our services are:

•  Passenger, cargo charter flights

•  Medical evacuation flights

•  Flight School

•  Agricultural crop dusting flights

•  Aerial spray, Forestry and grazeland e.t.c

•  Geological survey flights

•  Search and rescue flights

•  Aero tourism, aerial photography

•  Airstrip (consulting service)


- Passenger, cargo charter flights:
You may be an individual or a global corporation, whatever your needs are we will provide you with a personalized solution that is tailored to your specific travel requirements. Our Company will take you anywhere in Mongolia. Swiss made brand new Pilatus PC-6 is the best STOL Aircraft in the world.

- Medical evacuation flights:
Thomas Air LLC is one of the markets leading aero medical evacuation service operating team in Mongolia. The service is available to any individual, corporate or government entity that has a patient in need of immediate transfer to any medical destination within Mongolia. Whenever possible, we allow accompanying family members capable of reaching even the most distant remote destinations.
Our experienced pilots and doctors are in stand-by 24/7.

- Flight School:
Our flight school gives an opportunity to become a PPL (Private Pilot License) or CPL (Commercial Pilot License) holder. In our Flight school project the licensed pilots are welcome to increase their experiences together with flight hours.

- Agricultural crop dusting flights:
We provide you with aerial spray and crop dusting service with Airtractor AT-602. Our experienced team will have the work done in the shortest amount of time with guaranteed quality of service.

- Environmental aerial spray flight:
To protect the forests and grasslands Thomas Air LLC closely cooperates with related organizations to serve the public. Plus our crew and Airtractor AT-602 are designed to give the first and direct hit to bush and forest fires from the air.

- Search and rescue:
Thomas Air LLC’s search and rescue service is a unique service, performed in the most challenging circumstances. We provide new-technology aircraft that make us leaders in our field. And our crew demonstrates skill, courage and dedication in undertaking missions in the most testing of conditions.

- Aero tourism, aerial photography:
We offer Oblique, Vertical, and Low-Level aerial photography utilizing our own fixed wing aircraft to a wide variety of commercial and individual clients. Fully licensed and insured, and Certificated by the MCAA as an Air Carrier, and registered Aviation company in Mongolia. Thomas Air LLC’s Aero tourism and Aerial Photography Services uses the latest aircraft which has large sliding doors on both sides and trap door underneath to experience Mongolia.

- Airstrip consulting service:
As a local company in the aviation industry with world leading STOL aircraft, we are helping our partners to design their airstrips near their projects in remote places in Mongolia. Our professional team will not only advise you to get the temporary airfield license but also will help you to calculate the weather and other complexity.

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