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Mongolia is a landlocked country dominated by sparsely populated steppe - spreads across 1.6 million sq km and population of only 2.7 million. Mongolia produced a truly impressive performance for past few years, leading globally as the best equity market, second fastest growing economy and the second best performing currency in 2010. Driven by strong resource-linked investments and developments, we anticipate this exemplary performance will continue through the coming years. Despite the poor development of infrastructure the Mongolian economy is expected to grow up to 17% in 2011 (or 33% in US$ terms due to further estimated appreciation of the MNT against the US$) and may continue outperforming, ranking among the top three fastest growing economies. The primary growth drivers are the multibillion dollars mega mining projects such as Ivanhoe Mines and Rio Tinto for Oyu Tolgoi, and Tavan Tolgoi one of the largest coal mining projects opened up just at the north of Chinese border. The export values driven by strong Chinese demand and growth in personal income underpinned by inflows of foreign capital and the expansion in government social payments.

Together with the successful economic performances, especially in the fields of mineral resources, agriculture, tourism etc, the demand for domestic flight for various purposes has increased significantly.
Petro Matad
Tumurtein ovoo
Prophecy Coal
Hunnu Coal
Hunnu Coal
Bayan Lake
Boroo gold
Haranga Coal
Nariin Sukhait
Hunnu Coal
Shiliin Bogd Altan ovoo
Menen Steppe
Lake Buir
Khagiin khar nuur
Burkhan Khaldun mountain
Olon goliin uulzvar
Shishigt tengsiin belchir
Chuluut river
Oyu tolgoi
Tavan tolgoi
Gobi Gurvan Saikhan (Three beauties of Gobi)
Orkhon valley
Khorgiin Togoo volcano and Terkhiin tsagaan lake
Lake Khar Us
Tsambagarav uul
Uvs Lake
Altai tavan Bogd