Maule M-7

The Maule M-7 is a family of single-engine light aircraft that has been manufactured in the USA Based on the Maule M-4, it is a high-wing, strut-braced monoplane of conventional configuration, available with tail-wheel or tricycle wheeled undercarriage, or as a seaplane with twin pontoons.

Its sturdy construction means you will not have to pamper it to enjoy long years of trouble-free service.

•   Fast

•   Comfortable

•   Easy to fly

•   Safe

Ahead of you are many hours of flying pleasure. The more you fly M-7 the more you will realize that flying this aircraft is a stimulating sensation that will never grow old. The Maule M-7 is designed and built to give you the airplane you have always wanted.

Technical performance:

•   Take off distance

600ft/ 183m

•   Landing distance

900ft/ 274m

•   Max. Cruise speed

164 mph/ 265 km/h

•   Max. Range

1,001 miles/ 1,610 km

•   Max. Altitude

20.000ft/ 6100m

•   Max. Take-off weight

2300lbs/ 1136kg
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